5 Best Russian Actors

The 5 best Russian actors can be somewhat hard to pick since the country is not really known for its motion picture industry. However, Russia is home to many more talents than you are probably aware. The best Russian actors work under the radar to enhance both international and domestic films for the enjoyment of audiences everywhere.

  1. Oleg Taktarov Taktarov is known in two arenas. Firstly, he was a skilled former UFC champion, winning the sixth tournament and defeating such notable stars as Tank Abbott and Marco Ruas. Taktarov has appeared in major roles in films such as "15 Minutes," starring Robert DeNiro, "Bad Boys II," starring Will Smith, and "Air Force One," starring Harrison Ford. With such a filmography, Taktarov ranks highly as one of the best Russian actors working today.
  2. Yuri Nazarov Aging Nazarov has appeared in a number of Russian films in his decades-long career. The 72-year old's notable achievements include a Nika Award for Best Actor for his work in the film "Little Vera," and a recent appearance in the mini-series "Apostol." Nazarov may not be as well-known to American audiences, but his skill qualifies him as being considered one of the very best Russian actors.
  3. Oleg Yankovsky Yankovsky died of pancreatic cancer on May 20, 2009, but his work in many films, both Russian and American, earns him a place in the list of best Russian actors. One of his last notable appearances came in the 2006 remake of the classic "Doctor Zhivago," where he played Komarovsky.  
  4. Anton Yelchin The Leningrad-born Anton Yelchin has made a name for himself in Hollywood by breathing life into classic characters such as Checkov (in 2009's "Star Trek" reboot) and Kyle Reese (in 2009's "Terminator: Salvation"). Yelchin got his big break in the 2007 film "Charlie Bartlett," and has cemented himself as one of the best Russian actors in the world, not to mention one of the most successful young faces in Hollywood.  
  5. Andrei Panin Former stage actor Panin has won notoriety for his film roles in "Mama," "Mama, Don't Cry," and "The Wedding," a 2000 film that earned him the Best Actor prize at the Golden Ram Film Festival, a prize given by the Russian National Film Critics and Film Press. The future looks bright for Panin, one of the best Russian actors working today. Watch for him in 2010's "Apelsinovyy sok."
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