5 Best Russian Erotic Movies

The 5 best Russian erotic movies are all sexy films to watch. These all feature some of the best erotica and are known for their excellent sensuality. If you are looking for erotica, these Russian movies are all excellent choices.

  1. "Little Vera": A film from 1988, this film was the first Russian film to feature a sex scene. It tells the story of Vera, a teenager living a troubled life prior to the end of the Soviet Union. This is a hot film and one you do not want to miss.
  2. "Piter Moskva": This is one of the hottest Russian films-a definite must-see. Consider watching this film if you are looking for a great erotica film. It is a lesbian movies featuring an endless line of hot, sexy scenes.
  3. "Yulya": This Russian film is only 30 minutes long but ends with an amazing sex scene in a helicopter. The entire film is truly amazing and should not be missed. This is without a doubt one of the five best Russian erotic movies.
  4. "Dom-2 or How to Make Love With Elena Berkova": This film quickly became a best-selling Russian erotic film. It features porn star Elena Berkova and is one of the best erotic films ever made. This is one you cannot miss.
  5. "Angel Perverse 8": This film features gorgeous porn star Cherry Jul. The entire cast is stunningly hot, and the film has a great script and great scenes. It is at the top tier of the best Russian erotic films.
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