5 Best Russian Mafia Movies

The five best Russian Mafia movies explodes with bullets and furious action that any gangster picture needs to ensure quality entertainment. These movies of violence and intimidation shows why the Russian Mafia are one of the most feared crime organizations in the world. No gangster movie collection would be complete without including a few volumes that involve the Russian Mafia. Theirs is a blood-soaked legacy captured on film for all the movies audiences to watch and fear as these men rule their streets with an iron fist. Here are the five best Russian Mafia movies:

  1. "Eastern Promises" (2007). Viggo Mortensen stars in this thriller about the Russian Mafia directed by the great David Cronenberg. A young midwife inherits a journal from a mother who dies giving birth that could link her to a rape case against a Russian mob family.
  2. "Red Heat" (1988). Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a Russian police officer who tracks down a Russian mobster and drug dealer to the mean streets of Chicago. James Belushi provides the comedy relief in this action-packed, unlikely pairing of cops. 
  3. "Training Day" (2001). Denzel Washington's Oscar-winning performance dominates this movie of a young cop learning the ropes with a corrupt narcotics officer, Alonzo Harris. The movie reveals that the man is living on borrowed time because of a major beef with the Russian Mafia so he needs to pay up a huge cash amount or suffer the consequences.
  4. "Punisher: War Zone" (2008). The comic book vigilante cracks down on the Russoti family and accidently kills an FBI agent in the field and soon begins to contemplate quitting his war on crime. Later on, Jigsaw makes a deal with the Russian Mafia to allow biological weapons into New York and hunt down the FBI agent's family for revenge which brings back the Punisher to stop him dead in his tracks.
  5. "The Boondock Saints" (1999). Two Irish brothers get into a fight and accidently kill three Russian mobsters only to be released afterwards as heroes. They take this as sign from God to go out on a killing spree against the Russian Mafia's underworld in this cult classic action movie.
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