5 Best Russian Nude Models

The 5 best Russian nude models keep their countrymen warm by staying hot while the temperature drops. Some of these beautiful northern faces have gone to have prominent and lasting careers in the fashion industry, while others slipped out of the limelight as quickly as they slipped out of their clothes.  

  1. Masha Novoselova – Novoselova is a prominent Russian fashion model. Born in 1985, she has appeared in a number of print ads and high profile runway shows. Masha is known for her thick lips and elongated body, and has appeared nude in a number of fashion pictorials throughout her career. One of the 5 best Russian nude models, Novoselova bears her breasts regularly and has been known to do shoots wearing little more than shoes.
  2. Natasha Poly – Natasha Poly is a Russian model who has appeared regularly in various international editions of Vogue, including a handful of cover shoots, as well as ad campaigns for the likes of H&M and Givenchy. Standing five feet ten inches tall with a hip measurement of less than 14 inches, Poly is the prototypical Russian beanpole model. Prior to her global prominence, Natasha appeared in a pair of ads nude; in one, she wears nothing but jeans, in the other, nothing but underwear. Poly is one of the 5 best Russian nude models. 
  3. Irina Voronina – Breast, have we got a Russian for you. Voronina is a busty model who appeared in Playboy at the turn of the century. In the pictorial, she let it all hang out, from her sultry lips (both pairs, actually) to her enigmatic eyebrows, enormous chest, and well-tended pubic Mohawk. Voronina has since starred in ads for lingerie, pant suits, hair and beauty products, and even Sky Vodka. Despite this, nothing matches her Playboy debut, which was scintillating enough to secure her a place on our list of the 5 best Russian nude models.
  4. Irina Kulikova – Born in 1991 Slobodsk, Russia, Kulikova went from being spotted at a restaurant by Liv Tyler to appearing in Vogue over the course of one year. Since then, her career has seen Irina modeling for Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen. Known for her strutting walk, Kulikova has appeared topless in a number of ads and completely nude in a handful of others. With her long flowing hair and fervently alert nipples, Kulikova is one of the 5 best Russian nude models.
  5. Natalia Vodianova – Search the web for images of Vodianova and you’re likely to find as many of her nude as you will of her clothed. More than any other of these 5 best Russian nude models, Natalia looks completely at ease disrobed before the camera, as though she were born to do it. Vodianova has also appeared in a handful of films, including “CG,” directed by Roman Coppola, son of the man who helmed “The Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now” and the sister of the mind behind “Lost in Translation,” and “Clash of the Titans.”    
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