5 Best Russian War Movies

If you love foreign movies, you’ll enjoy these 5 best Russian war movies. Most Russian war movie blockbusters are intense and loaded with action. They represent all types of cinematography and style, including a little of romance and a lot of violence. These best war movies are about conflicts in the past and present.

  1. "Tikhy Don" This Russian movie was written and directed by Sergei Gerosimov in 1957. It’s set in WWI. After a Cossack soldier fights in the war, he returns home to his wife and tyrannical father. He continues to fight his own personal war at home. This movie is a trilogy based on the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov.
  2. "1612" This movie was made in 2007. It’s directed by Vladimir Khotinenko and based on the Polish-Muscovite War. The movie begins after the murder of a Tsar and his family. A prince tries to keep the lands under control while both Poland and Sweden attempt to conquer Russia.
  3. "Ivan’s Childhood" This story follows a Russian boy forced into spying on the Germans in WWI. He’s taken in by three Russian soldiers, but the brutality of war is too great. This hit was made in 1962. Ivan’s Childhood was directed by Andrey Tarkovskiy.
  4. "9th Company" This 2005 film was directed by Fyodor Bondachuk. The movie is based on Russian soldiers fighting in Afghanistan in the 80s. The soldiers are haven’t seen much action until they are attacked. Their forced to fight for their lives until help arrives. This is one on the more intense Russian war movies.
  5. "Enemy at the Gates" This 2001 blockbuster pit a German sniper against an equally skilled opponent. The movie starred Jude Law and Joseph Fiennes. Both are A-list actors in Hollywood. The movie is set in World War II and during the Battle of Stalingrad. It's an intense Russian movie directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. Rachael Weiss stars as a love interest and woman of courage.
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