5 Best RV Electric Space Heaters

Need to know what the 5 best electric RV electrical space heaters are? It can get cold when camping, even when you have the luxury of an RV.

  1. The PQH307-UM Patton Quartz Space Heater. This RV electric space heater is small in size and price, but big on heat. It can be placed on the floor beneath the table or bed and it will heat the entire RV without having to turn it on full blast.
  2. The Vornado TVH600 TouchStone Vortex. We put this one on our list of the 5 best RV electric space heaters because of its cool features. A touch screen, digital controls and a thermostat that will sense when the heat needs to be turned on are just a few of our favorite things about this heater.
  3. The Air King 8132 Oscillating Heater. You will find this particular RV electric space heater to be a keeper. It comes with a remote control and a display actually large enough to see from a distance that requires that remote!
  4. The Holmes® 1500-Watt Slim Profile Heater. This heater is the smallest in size on our list. So small that you can tuck it away and forget about it without having to sacrifice its warming power.
  5. The Honeywell Electronic Ceramic Oscillating Heater. Its adjustable thermostat and two heat settings make this heater a great investment for any camper. It will work all year long to keep you warm when you need it the most.
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