5 Best Sad Instrumental Songs

Need to know the 5 best sad instrumental songs? Everybody likes different types of music and different styles of music. Types of music include rap, instrumental and rock. While styles of music can vary depending on the way people think it sounds, most sad toned songs are in a minor key, such as A minor and E minor, and have a moderately slow tune. Anyway, here are five good, sad songs.

  1. "For the Love of a Princess" by DJ Sakin & Friends. There are multiple versions of this song. The best version is the "Braveheart" version. This song is produced with electronic effects from keyboards and other things. The song also has some sort of pipes playing in it as well as a chorus.
  2. "Love Goddess of Venus" by The Ventures. The Ventures are an instrumental band from the 1960's. Old doesn't necessarily mean bad music, and they wrote one of the saddest sounding songs that we found. The song, "Love Goddess of Venus," is played on guitar and has a light chorus singing in the background. The song definitely sounds sad at certain times and gives a really peaceful tune as well. 
  3. "Lament for Frankie" by Solas. Solas is an Irish-American band that wrote the song "Lament for Frankie." The song is played with common orchestra instruments, such as the violin, piano and a few others. It has a slow tone, and the violin can sound very sad at many times. There is no chorus in the song, however. It is purely instrumental.
  4. "Adagio in G minor" by Albinoni. This is a song written by Albinoni. "Adagio in G minor" is what is usually called an orchestra song that is commonly played on the violin. The violin adds a tone that sounds very sad. This is due to the music that is written, not with how a player plays a violin. Overall, this song sounds pretty sad, especially for a song made to be played with an orchestra instrument.
  5. "Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber. "Adagio for Strings" is another orchestra song that sounds very sad. As you can tell by the name, it was written purely for stringed instruments, like the violin. It can also be played on the piano. Both ways can keep the sad tone that exists in the song.

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