5 Best Sad Korean Songs

Here are the 5 best sad Korean songs. There is no doubt that Korean love songs are among the saddest and have reached many parts of the world. Almost in all Korean television series, there are songs that give out their sad nature. On top of that, these sad Korean songs have made even sadder music videos. Among the saddest in both the music, theme and music videos are:

  1. "Because I'm A Girl" by KISS. This song has made hundreds cry. Since this song has actually reached more than a few countries , there are many versions of this song. Among the most popular are the English version by one of three members of the trio group and the Filipino version sung by Filipino singer Roxanne Barcelo. The song deals with how much a girl loved a guy who eventually left her.

  2. "Namja Dapge (Like a man)" by Fly to the Sky. The Korean duo has made quite a wave with this song being one of the sad Korean songs ever. Actually, the singers used to be R and B singers but they moved to change their image. The song has a theme that tackles on how a girl waits for a guy. The guy, on the other hand, fought his way to live after an accident. However, he wakes with a new face and a lost memory. The song is his journey in finding the lost identity and the lost love.

  3. "It's Still Love, What can I Do?" by Shin Seung Hoon. Death is quite a theme in this song. The video added to the sad part of the song. The song tackles death of a part of a love triangle, as the video goes on the girl just made a decision to stay in a snowcapped mountain to die, the other guy stayed and died with her. The singer, on the other hand, is popular balladeer in the 1990s.

  4.  "Pyun Ji (Your letter)" by Kim Jong Kook. This song is another sad Korean song that is supplemented with its sad video theme. The video theme involves the family, love, death, friendship and even money. The singer, Kim Jong Kook, has also made quite an impression with the fond name “mosquito voice”. The video, on the other hand, actually makes up a short story that can definitely become a tear jerker for many in different parts of the globe. It is quite long, at about nine minutes, but it is all worth it.

  5. "Sad Love Song" by Cho Eun. This is one of the saddest Korean songs. The video perhaps says it all. The plot is quite usualthe first meeting of past lovers. The guy leaves the girl without explanation. The girl moves on and found another guy. The two lovers meet again but it was already the wedding day of the girl. She ran off from the wedding only to find out that the guy went blind, which is the reason why he left.

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