5 Best Safety Lanyards

These are the 5 best safety lanyards. When rock climbing, there are many safety precautions you must take, like checking your repeller, your hook, and your gloves. But one safety precaution is always over looked, and that is your safety lanyard. A safety lanyard can mean the difference between staying injury free, or falling thousands of feet and seriously getting injured. Here they are:

  1. Heavy Duty Lanyard- These lanyards are woven tough so that they can handle the most extreme conditions. They may look a lot more bulky than your ordinary lanyard, but they were not meant to be used as a fashion statement in the first place.
  2. Chrome Clamp Lanyard- These safety lanyards may look a bit dinky, but that little piece of metal that may not look like much at first glance, reinforces this safety lanyard so that it is extra reliable.
  3. Trigger Hook Lanyard- This lanyard is another one that looks dinky. But once again looks can be deceiving. No matter what your wearing around your neck, this lanyard takes safety to the next level. With the trigger hook, it makes it almost impossible to lose whatever you are wearing.
  4. Rubber Ring Lanyard- Although this is the only safety lanyard not made from metal on the list, you can be sure knowing it is just as good. The rubber makes this great for hot weather, and gives it more flexibility. It is also much more light weight, allowing you to move around faster.
  5. Carabiner Lanyard- You trust carabiners to hold you thousands of feet in the air, so why not trust them to hold onto other things? This lanyard is hands down the best for situations in which you simply can not lose what you are holding.
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