5 Best Sakes For Sake Bombs

The 5 best sakes for sake bombs consist of the best types of rice possible. The type of rice in sake will determine its life during the brewing process. The longer the rice stays in tact, the more oil and protein can be removed. This makes for excellent sake, as well as no hangover!

  1. Junmai Dai-Ginjo Tamanohikari Bizen-Omachi 100%. This sake is wonderful for sake bombs. It is over 50% milled, so it is pure as the Japanese snow. It can be purchased in 720 ml or 300 ml. Either way, this sake is easy on the throat and even better with a sake bomb.
  2. Junmai Ginjo Tamanohikari Yamahai. This sake's full-bodied taste helps with a distinctive sake bomb. It is brewed based upon ancient brewing tradition. This tradition leave the sake unfortified with alcohol or additives. There is also 60% milled sake rice that has natural yeasts and lactobacilli.
  3. Tentaka Silent Stream. This sake is premium quality. It is made of water that flows underground. It has a fruity flavor and is very smooth. The smooth quality of the sake helps taking a sake bomb, just a little bit easier.
  4. Ama no To Time of Reflection. This sake is made in the northern area of Japan. The rice is tailored specifically to that region. It has a one of a kind taste. It is full-bodied and well balanced. Ama no To acts as the perfect blank canvas to any sake bomb.
  5. Chiyonosono Garden of Eternity. Brewed in a brewery that is beautiful, well-known, and full of history, Chiyonosono, comes with a heavy name. Its flavor is light, but still maintains fruitiness. The area in which it is brewed is famous for its hot-springs. The water used in making this sake is nothing short of wonderful.
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