5 Best Salmon Fly Fishing Rods

When trying to decide which products are the 5 best salmon fly fishing rods, it is important to remember that every rod is not meant for every fish. Line weight, length of the rod, and guides that line up with the spine are all important considerations. While you should look at price, do not let a low cost influence you to buy a salmon fly fishing rod without looking at the features.

  1. L.L. Bean Trolling Series Fly Outfit. The best salmon fly fishing rod for a beginner, this rod by L.L. Bean is a two-piece and comes in either 6/7 or 7/8 weight. The line is pre-loaded for convenience and is available in left hand or right hand retrieve. Dark green in color, it has an extended guide and comes with a rod tube.
  2. Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod. This is one of the best salmon fly fishing rods on the market for intermediate or advanced fishermen. Complete with a medium-fast , mid-flex blank made from IM8 Graphite as well as rosewood insert reel seats, and butt extension. The line weight of this rod is 8 with a length of 9 feet, 6 inches. Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  3. G-Loomis NRX 1208 Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Rod. One of the more expensive products on the market, the G-Loomis NRX 1208 is one of the best salmon fly fishing rods out there. 10 inches long with a weight of 8, this lightweight rod handles small and large salmon quite well. Also has high-line speeds and is known for its sensitivity.
  4. RL Winston Bamboo Steelhead and Salmon Rod. One of the best salmon fly fishing rods, although it is very expensive. Available in 7 through 10 weights, this rod is made of handcrafted bamboo. Features include an extra tip, anodized aluminum tubes as well as your choice of inserts.
  5. Jewel 305 TX Fly Fishing Rod. If you are looking for the best salmon fly fishing rods that are affordable, then consider a Jewel 305 TX. 10 feet in length, the handle is made of natural cork. The reel seats are stainless steel and woven carbon.
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