5 Best Saltwater Fly Fishing Reels

These five best saltwater fly fishing reels are all of exceptional quality and reliability. These are the elite reels for saltwater fly fishing, with great materials and features. Each is uniquely efficient for fly fishing, giving you an exceptional product for your money.

  1. Profishency Bluewater XL saltwater fly fishing reel. This reel is made with bar stock aluminum, giving it a sturdy material for optimal performance. The arbor is large-slotted, giving the user fast retrieve. This high quality fly fishing reel is great for saltwater fishing, you won't be let down with this great reel.
  2. Waterworks Lamson Ula Force 3.5 Fly Fishing Reel. This fly fishing reel is supremely constructed to support salt, sun, sand and silt. Great for saltwater fishing, you'll find the 250 yard supporting line to support even the most challenging needs. This reel is one of the most powerful reels you can find, versatile for all your fly fishing needs.
  3. Okuma Cedros Saltwater fly fishing reel. This reel is extremely affordable, and with an $80 price tag it gives you unbelievable quality for a low price. The machined aluminum spool is corrosion resistant, giving you a durable reel that will last you for years. You definitely don't want to overlook this great reel with many unmatched features.
  4. Gold Cup Fly fishing saltwater reel. These gold cup reels are known for their high performance in all saltwater conditions. The machined aluminum and protective finish gives you a reel that will not fail under any weather or fishing need. This is a reel that will give you high power performance.
  5. Hardy Zane Saltwater Fly Reel. With a price under $500, you are getting extreme quality. Constructed with high-grade aluminum, it's designed to be easily cleaned each day. It's as visually powerful as it is practically powerful. If you want a reel that will give you security while fishing at sea, then this is the reel for you.
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