5 Best Sandra Bullock Movies

Being such a talented actress, compiling a list of the 5 best Sandra Bullock movie list was very difficult. Generally playing the role of a heroine, she brings her roles to life and has the ability to make you love her.  

  1. "The Proposal". Bullock’s role as Margaret Tate puts “The Proposal” in the best Sandra Bullock movie list. Tate is a pushy boss who is in fear of being deported. She forces her assistant to marry her and they inevitably fall in love.
  2. "Premonition". Linda Hanson, played by Bullock, awakens one morning to find her husband has been killed in a car accident, but when she wakes up the following morning he is alive and well. The next morning he is back to being dead. Linda realizes she is going back in forth between past and present. In an attempt to save her husband’s life she follows him, only to learn that she is the one that caused the accident.
  3. "Miss Congeniality". Gracie Hart, a clumsy and homely FBI agent, goes undercover in a beauty pageant to stop a serial killer. A beauty pageant handler is assigned to Gracie to release her from her cocoon to turn her into a beautiful butterfly.
  4. "The Net". Angela Bennett’s life revolves in cyberspace. She works from home and has few friends that actually know her. Her life is taken over by someone else and no one realizes it. To restore her life she needs to find out what the secret information on a disk means and why people are out to get her.
  5. "Speed". In this best Sandra Bullock movie she plays Annie Porter. Annie is stuck on a bus with a bomb that will explode if the bus goes under 50-mph. After the bus drive is shot Annie must drive the bus to keep her and the other passengers safe until the bomb can be defused.

From the awkward beauty queen to an impromptu bus driver, Bullock is able to make each character her own. Her smile and personality show through during each role she plays. Hopefully her pending divorce will not over power her acting abilities and she will continue to make fabulous movies.


IMDB: Sandra Bullock

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