5 Best ‘Scary Movie 2’ Quotes

One of the best comedies, the 5 best "Scary Movie 2" quotes that filled us with laughter. Each of these quotes comes from different characters that kept the movies interesting throughout the entire film and gives us the reason to watch it over it again.

  1. Cindy: "Hey little bird." Parrot: "I ain't little, I'm hung like a bull lady. Yeah, bet you never seen a bird dick this big?" Cindy: "No." Parrot: "Yeah well step off sweet cheeks, come back when you want the real deal." Cindy: "Ok." Parrot: Fucking tease." This perverted talking parrot stole this scene. He has a mind of the human male, and has the balls to explain he is packing heavily.
  2. Mrs. Voorhees’ guest, and priest sings at party: "Shake ya ass, watch ya step, shake ya ass, show me what you working with. Attention, all you young players and pimps, right now is the place to be. I thought I told y'all niggas before, y'all niggas do not fuck with me." In the middle of a bad situation, involving Mrs. Voorhees possessed daughter Megan, her mom and party guests decided to break out a song and sing, Mystical's “Shake Ya Ass” while the young priest plays the piano.
  3. Cindy: "Help! My pussy gone crazy!" The double entendre is what makes this quote so funny. After relieving herself in Mr. Kittles litter box, all hell breaks loose as Cindy and Mr. Kittles face off in a boxing match. The cat decides to break a beer bottle to teach Cindy a lesson to not mess with things that do not belong to her.
  4. Hanson: "Here, take my hand." Dwight: "NO! Get it away from me!" Dwight, the psychically challenged assistant of a professor, seeks help from Hanson, a caretaker of Hells House as Dwight hangs out a window on the verge falling to this death. Dwight is looking for help but not from Hanson's deformed hand. What makes this quote funny is that Dwight rather fall to his death than get saved by Howard's grotesque ‘strong' hand.
  5. Mrs. Voorhees: "How is she? It's gotten worse Father. She will not eat. She won't talk. The child won't let me touch her. Father McFeely: "Yes, sometimes you have to give them candy." "Scary Movie 2" delivers another great double entendre as Father McFeely takes the comment in a perverted context. It should not come to a surprise that his name is McFeely, and he so happened to be a priest with a filthy mind.  
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