5 Best ‘Scary Movie 4’ Quotes

The 5 best "Scary Movie 4" quotes show how the spoof film takes jabs at anything, and anyone. The entire "Scary Movie" franchise is built around making fun of popular movies, and popular celebrities. Dr. Phil, and Shaq even spoof themselves in the film. "Scary Movie 4" spoofs the movies, "Saw," "The Village," "The Grudge," "Million Dollar Baby," and many more. The 5 best "Scary Movie 4" quotes showcase how the film is crude, over-the-top, and hilarious.

  1. "I'll deal with that later. Right now I want to find out what happens to the duck." – President Harris. The world is under attack, and all the President cares about is finishing the book, "My Pet Duck." A secret service agent tries to alert President Harris about aliens attacking the country, and he responds with one of the 5 best "Scary Movie 4" quotes. The President goes on to say, "The people will die regardless. But this duck still has a fighting chance," which is another funny quote from "Scary Movie 4." The total lack of competence by the President brings a lot of humor to the movie.
  2. "It's okay. My throat cushioned the blow." – Cindy Campbell. During "Scary Movie 4" Tom Ryan throws a football and it hits Cindy in the throat. After being hit, Cindy says on the the 5 best "Scary Movie 4" quotes. Cindy says the comical line in a raspy, can barely talk voice. Every time Cindy gets physically hurt she has a sarcastic comment to say.
  3. "Brenda, I thought you were dead." – Cindy Campbell. One of the 5 best "Scary Movie 4" quotes is simple, but necessary. In "Scary Movie 3" Brenda dies, so when she is suddenly alive in "Scary Movie 4" that quote addresses the issue. The "Scary Movie" installments are spoof movies, and it is nice to see them actually address the fact that Brenda dies in the third movie. It is a simple exchange to show the writers know Brenda was killed, but who cares, she is back anyway.
  4. Brenda: [having a nightmare] Lil' Kim- Lil' Kim got my sandwich. Look out- Russell Crowe's got a phone! R.Kelly, don't pee on me! MY LOVELY LADY LUMPS! Where are we?" – Brenda Meeks. "Scary Movie 4" always incorporates celebrity hot topic issues, and one of the 5 best "Scary Movie 4" quotes showcases celebrity drama. The quote touches on how R. Kelly got arrested for allegedly peeing on an under age girl, and how Russell Crowe threw a phone at a hotel front-desk employee. The quote happens while Brenda is sleep talking, and Cindy is driving them to get out of danger.
  5. "Here's Detroit [Points to a TV showing a destroyed city]. Here's Detroit after the invasion [City is still destroyed, but now tripods are roaming around]." – Brenda Meeks. One of the 5 best "Scary Movie 4" quotes is a funny, but cheap shot at the city Detroit. When Brenda is showing the first shot of a destroyed Detroit, the viewer thinks it is after the invasion. The funny part kicks in when Brenda finishes the jab which explains she was showing a before the invasion shot of Detroit. The before and after shots of Detroit point out how much the city was in disrepair before the invasion.
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