5 Best ‘Scary Movie’ Actors

If you like the "Scary Movie" sequels, then you should get to know the 5 best "Scary Movie" actors. In case you missed the hilarious comedies, then this list will give you fresh insight on the talented actors in the movies. It takes a lot of skill to make people laugh like they do in "Scary Movie" and the sequels.

  1. Anna Faris. The star of "Scary Movie" and the sequels, Anna Faris plays Cindy Campbell, the target of the comedic killer. She plays a dumb girl very well and we all rolled over laughing when she ripped open her blouse and a man's flappy chest appeared on the screen instead of what should have been a pair of women's breasts. She was able to keep a straight face while doing it, and that is a sign of one talented young lady.
  2. Dave Sheridan. One of the 5 best "Scary Movie" actors, Dave Sheridan plays dumb Doofy in the original. Viewers laughed hysterically when he called out of his room with a vacuum hose in his hand and his pants down. Then we are all shocked when he turns out to be a clever, bad boy killer.
  3. Shawn Wayans. Of course one of the Wayan brothers makes the list of the 5 best "Scary Movie" actors. In "Scary Movie 2," we all were shocked when his character, Ray, made his girlfriend, Brenda, dress in full football gear and dry hump him in the rear. Clearly a difficult thing for any man to do on screen, he did it amazingly well.
  4. Pamela Anderson. In the cameo, Pamela Anderson plays a schoolgirl who runs around half-naked. What makes her one of the best "Scary Movie" actors is when she keeps asking a dead Jenny McCarthy is okay. She even goes beyond that and knocks her head off and continues to ask her if she is okay. All with a straight face and all seriousness.
  5. Jon Abrahams. One of the best "Scary Movie" actors, Jon Abrahams plays Cindy's boyfriend, Bobby. He does a great job of trying to convince Cindy that he loves her while all the time being a killer that is mimicking serial killers in popular movies. His scenes with co-star Anna Faris are hilarious.
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