5 Best Schwinn Bicycle Seats

Schwinn sells a larger variety of bicycle saddles and these are among the 5 best Schwinn bicycle seats.

  1. Schwinn Comfort Saddle Lighted. The Schwinn Comfort Saddle is designed for the casual commuter and those bike riders who experience discomfort with the lesser padded saddles that come stock with their bike. One cool feature of this bicycle seat is that it lights up so you can be seen better by cars when riding at night.
  2. Schwinn Ergonomic. The Schwinn  Ergonomic bicycle seat is an inexpensive seat that is extremely comfortable and durable.
  3. Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser. The Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser is one of the best Scwhinn bicycle seats. It is heavily padded and very comfortable. You will definitely not be using this saddle on your carbon fiber race bike but it will fit like a charm on your cruiser. This bike seat is extremely comfortable and very affordable.
  4. Schwinn Adult Double Gel. Scwhinn makes a lot of comfortable seats and this Scwhinn bicycle seat is by far the most comfortable of all of the Scwhinn bicycle seats. This bike seat has two layers of gel built into the saddle making it extremely cushy on your behind.
  5. Schwinn Cruz Air. The Scwhinn Cruz Air is not as comfortable as the other Scwhinn bicycle seats but it is the most durable. For less than $20, you can buy this bicycle seat and it will last for many years under hard use. If you are hard on bike seats, then this Scwhinn bicycle seat is one you should definitely buy.
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