5 Best ‘Scrubs’ Episode

The 5 best "Scrubs" episodes were those episodes that made you laugh out loud at the sheer comedy of Zach Braff and the rest of the cast's attempt at putting on a comedy show! "Scrubs" has mercifully ended its near-decade run just this year, but not after soldiering on for almost 200 episodes worth of semi-laughs and other laudable attempts at being funny. Catch this show on DVD if you want.

  1. "My Bad." "My Bad" takes the top position as the best "Scrubs" episode on account of its role-reversal on the part of Elliot. Her patient turns out to be a therapist who has his jaw wired closed. However, taking advantage of this position, she keeps telling him her problems, but then gets so addicted to this catharsis that she missed him when her care for him ends! So she actually goes and becomes a patient of the therapist after he got his jaw healed. 
  2. "My Last Day." This episode from the first season celebrates the changing of roles at the "Scrubs" hospital. Turk, Elliot and J.D. have to prepare for the end of their lives as interns and start preparing for their lives as residents. This "Scrubs" episode was oh-so-funny since it dealt with the three characters getting an older patient to care for. However, he does not have the insurance to pay for his care! If only all comedy shows could be that humorous.
  3. "My Fruit Cups." Part of the second season of "Scrubs," "My Fruit Cups lands on the number three spot on this best "Scrubs" episode list because of the muscles you may pull laughing out loud. In this episode, Turk and J.D. realize they're poorer than they'd like, so the begin stealing hospital supplies to cover their needs. After Turk swindles J.D. out of $100 and is initially angry at him (which was a sort of reasonable reaction), he realizes that he was only doing it to support his girlfriend, Carla, thereby justifying the theft in the first place! What amazing humor demonstrated by the crafty writers, for sure.
  4. "My Porcelain God." This episode of "Scrubs" deserves the fourth spot because it centers around the Janitor, a very rare focus of the plot for this comedy series. The gag in this episode comes when said Janitor installs a toilet on the roof of the hospital! Moreover, the gang begins to name it the "epiphany toilet," making the audience long for this level of sophistication in the attempts at humor that other comedy shows should be striving for.
  5. "My Butterfly." The final episode on this list of the best "Scrubs" episodes due to its rip-roaring comedy, "My Butterfly" centers on the butterfly effect concept, which is ingenious for a mere comedy show to even work in! In this episode's multiple versions of reality, a patient has an aortic dissection that is not discovered until the last second. However, the real comedy starts when the patient ends up dying in both versions of reality! This episode is sure to cause audiences to bust a gut in laughing out loud.
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