5 Best Scuba Diving Gloves

If you are thinking about diving out into the big ocean blue, you’ll need the right scuba gear, including one of the 5 best scuba diving gloves. Depending on what part of the world you wish to explore will depend on if you need cold water diving gloves or warm water diving gloves. Scuba diving is a great sport to get into, but before you gasp at the expense of equipment, there are many scuba gear that is affordable and last a good, long time. Whether you go to cold water regions or warm water regions, you'll still need a high quality pair of gloves. This list is comprised of warm water scuba diving gloves.

  1. Deep See 2mm Barnacle Gloves. Need gloves with an excellent grip? This pair of the the five best scuba gloves is designed with silicone on the finger tips and palms for a strong grip. The Deep See gloves are made of synthetic leather on the palm and fingers to help give a solid degree of protection, wear resistance and dexterity which is very important. Gloves come in black or black with blue accents with sizes that range from extra small to double extra large.
  2. O'neill 1mm Explore Kevlar Gloves. O'neill is a high standard brand in the surf and scuba industry and these gloves are highest quality. The fingertips are constructed of Kevlar which is a synthetic material five times stronger than steel.  Flexible for dexterity and constructed of suede and vinyl on the palms and fingers. Gloves come with an elastic wrist seal. You’ll find this scuba gear in sizes from extra small to double extra large.
  3. XS Scuba Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm Gloves. Another best five scuba glove with reinforced Kevlar on the palm, thumb and fingertips. Designed with adjustable wrist closure and an excellent glove for lobster diving. Comes in sizes from small through double extra large. 
  4. Waterproof 1.5 Crux Gloves. Need high quality grip and comfort, then look no further for this best five scuba glove is constructed of flexible Amara on the palms and fingers. Great for dexterity, warmth and wrist come with an adjustable closure. Sizes range from extra small to double extra large.
  5. Camaro 0.5 Modetec Super-Stretch Seamless Gloves. The most unique of the batch of the five best scuba gloves as it’s constructed with a flexible super stretch neoprene which will stretch 200% more than the standard neoprene. Palm made of abrasion resistant silicone and is one of the few gloves that doesn’t have zippers or wrist enclosure for adjustable fit, it just slips on. Sizes range from extra small to double extra large.
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