5 Best Scuba Diving Tanks

If you want to go underwater exploring in the ocean you'll need to know what the five best scuba diving tanks are. SCUBA is an acronym that stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Scuba tanks contain a high pressured oxygen enriched mixture which allows the diver to stay underwater for a period of time. But the tanks only hold so much oxygen, so divers must be careful to check the time and regulator in time to resurface. Buying a solid quality scuba tank is paramount to the sport of scuba diving.

  1. Catalina XS Scuba 80. This scuba diving tank is made of aluminum and carries 80 cubic feet of air which is great for a solid dive. This versatile tank can be filled with nitrox or a regular mixture of enhanced oxygen. A super nice feature is this tank is constructed to have more weight on the bottom which allows the diver to maintain a heads-up position as the scuba tank weighs downward on the back of the diver.
  2. Worthington X7 Steel 100. This tank is made of steel which is stronger than aluminum and lighter in weight because less material is used to construct the tank. What that means for the diver is you get the same cubic air capacity with lesser weight on on the back. This tank has a self-healing galvanized and a high rating for air pressure that eliminates the dangers of overfilling without compromise in the available gas volume.
  3. Blue Steel FX117. What you want from one of the five best scuba diving tanks is for the tank to hold more cubic feet of air which then will increase your diving time. That's what this steel tank can do for you. Another good feature is that the exterior of the tank has a phosphatized internal coating which is highly resistant to rust and will last longer than aluminum tanks. 
  4. Luxifer 80. This is one of the most popular tanks used for rentals and training purposes. Constructed of a balance aluminum-magnesium-silicon blend which is exclusive to the brand. This entry on the list of the five best  scuba diving tanks is corrosion resistant both interior and exterior. This tank can be filled with nitrox or a mix of enhanced oxygen.
  5. Blue Steel FX100. This is another steel tank which garners more negative buoyancy due to the increased weight of the tank. Rounding out the list of the five best scuba diving tanks, the Blue Steel model also comes with a yoke valve!
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