5 Best Sea Kayak Manufacturers

The 5 best sea kayak manufacturers are manufacturers that know how serious their devoted clientele is about taking kayaks out to the sea. These sea kayak manufacturers are also some of the best names in the entire business.

  1. P&H Company This company of sea kayak manufacturing provides customers with custom-made sea kayaks. P&H Company has been in business for the past 30 years. An adherent to sophisticated design as well as reliable craftsmanship, P&H Company features kayaks made by people who actually use sea kayaks themselves.
  2. Paddling Perfection A New Zealand company that produces sea kayaks, Paddling Perfection gives consumers the best in technology and modern design. This manufacturer of sea kayaks allows for roomy thigh room in its kayaks' decks, too, which help kayakers right rolled sea kayaks.
  3. QCC Kayaks Founded in 1991, this sea kayak manufacturer boasts that its kayaks are more seaworthy than any other brand out there. Over time, QCC Kayaks has taken their sea kayak designs and guided them from mere prototypes to the renowned and popular sea kayaks out on the waters today.
  4. SEDA Kayaks This manufacturer of sea kayaks is distinct from other makers in its commitment to three qualifying values they assert their kayaks are built to contain. Strength is a SEDA value, along with speed and spirit.
  5. Sisson Kayaks Sisson Kayaks is a manufacturer of sea kayaks that takes its name after the Sisson family of kayak makers. Their big claim to fame is how long-lasting and durable their kayaks are. Some kayaks are still on the water after 35 years of use.
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