5 Best Seattle Weekend Getaway Ideas

The 5 best Seattle weekend getaway ideas include something for everyone. Whether a family trip to the ocean or a quiet time for one, Seattle, Washington has plenty to offer. Consider the weather prior to planning. The fall and winter seasons may bring low temperatures and the spring brings higher than average rainfalls to the region.

  1. Puget Sound. This inlet tops the list of best Seattle weekend getaway ideas. Puget lies just to the north west of downtown Seattle. The inlet off of the Pacific Ocean offers the curious traveler a wide variety of sea life activities including boating and fishing. The avid surfer may find serenity in the rolling ways at the outer point of the sound. Beaches line the area for those seeking a bit of relaxation and sun during the summer months. Hotels in this region are plentiful, but the price per night ranges greatly. Financially plan accordingly for staying overnight.
  2. Brown's Point Lighthouse. Thirty minutes north-east lies the next entry on the list of best Seattle weekend getaway ideas. For more than 100 years the lighthouse has been occupied and in use for ships passing north into Canada. The lighthouse today offers tours and a view into the life of a lighthouse keeper and the inner workings of the structure. For the historical buff, this site is a must-see attraction in the Seattle area.
  3. Mount Rainer. Next on the list of best Seattle weekend getaway ideas is the highest mountain in the Cascade range. At over 14,000 feet, Mount Rainer offers excitement for the avid climber and hiker. Not for the weak or inexperienced, guided climbs and hikes are available through various companies in the area. It is not suggested that visitors stake out on their own here.
  4. North Cascades. Untamed wilderness and miles of wild flowers put the North Cascade Mountains on the list of best Seattle weekend getaway ideas. For the avid hiker, this once glacier-filled area offers wide open spaces for exploration.
  5. Coffee House Tours. The final entry on the list of best Seattle weekend getaway ideas includes the places that made Seattle famous; coffee houses. Arranged by guided tour or tourist map alone, the city offers the original Starbucks along with other coffee houses along the way.
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