5 Best Seiko Watches For Men

When you want to wear the best and latest styles of watches, check out these five best Seiko watches for men. Seiko is a well-known international brand. The company makes some of the best watches in the world. If you're a man with a taste for the finest and most innovative styles, these watches are a must for you. Check your time with these five Seiko watches.

  1. Spring Drive. The Seiko Spring Drive takes watches into a whole new horizon. This Seiko is sleek and sexy. It's also an accessory that complements any wardrobe you step out in. Spring Drive has a power reserve of 72 hours and winds easily. It's also designed to give the true time. Spring Drive comes in five different models: Chronograph, Moon Phase, GMT, Center Second and Small Second Hand. Each one is perfectly made and gives you the style and flair you want.
  2. Ananta. These gorgeous Seiko Ananta models come in special editions as well as regular watches. With a total of five models to choose from, you're bound to spend a little extra time checking them out before making up your mind. Your choices include: Chronograph, Spring Drive GMT, Automatic Chronograph, Double Retrograde Automatic and Multi-hand Automatic. 
  3. Sportura. The Seiko Sportura is a leading sports watch. It's water-proof and made with stainless steel. Sportura comes in four styles: Kinetic Direct Drive, Chronograph Perpetual, Alarm Chronograph and Chronograph. This is the ideal watch for the active sportsman. Make a statement with one of these Seiko watches.
  4. Velatura. Sailing and boating are two fantastic sports for men and the Seiko Velatura is the watch made specifically for these activities. Seiko makes eight models of marine watches which are great for the man who loves the open seas. Whether you dive or love spending time on your yacht, these Seiko watches are what you need.
  5. Coltura. These sexy watches come in four models: Quartz, Kinetic, Kinetic Perpetual, Alarm Chronograph and Quartz. They each have unique features like leap year indicators and power reserve indicators.

Seiko is definitely a man's watch that represents style, finesse and money. All of these watches are priced in the thousands, so only purchase is you're looking to put the best on your wrist.

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