5 Best ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes Ever

The 5 best "Seinfeld" episodes have some of the most memorable characters and story lines. Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer have gotten themselves into bizarre, yet hilarious situations over the nine seasons of "Seinfeld" but none stand out more than these five episodes. The writers of "Seinfeld" pushed the envelope with subject matter, and some of the most controversial topics ended up making for the best episodes. The subject matter vary, but the best "Seinfeld" episodes always end with each characters story line amusingly tied together.

  1. "The Soup Nazi". One of the best "Seinfeld" episodes also has one of the most memorable characters, the soup nazi. This "Seinfeld" episode brought the famous quote, "No soup for you!" The episode revolves around a new. amazing soup restaurant that is run by a hot headed cook. Kramer befriends the soup nazi, and Elaine gets banned for not following soup ordering protocol. The side story in this "Seinfeld" episode is, Elaine buys an armoire, and it gets stolen while Kramer's watching it. One of the five best "Seinfeld" episodes because in the end Kramer gives Elaine an armoire the soup nazi gives him to make up for the other one getting stolen, and it has all the soup recipes inside. Elaine flaunts it to the soup nazi and screams in his face, "No soup for you, next!" That was one of the best "Seinfeld" episode endings ever.  
  2. "The Marine Biologist". Jerry lies to an old classmate, and tells her George is now a marine biologist. One of the best "Seinfeld" episodes because George rolls with the lie and keeps up the illusion he is a marine biologist to impress her. On the side story Kramer takes up golf, and starts hitting balls into the ocean. In true "Seinfeld" episode fashion all of their story lines connect in the ending when George is walking on the beach with his former classmate and a whale is in distress. Turns out, a golf ball was obstructing the blowhole, and it was one of Kramer's.  
  3. "The Contest". Episode eleven of season four is one of the best "Seinfeld" episodes. After being caught pleasuring himself by his mother, George swears it off. The entire gang gets in on it and makes a contest out of who can go the longest without pleasuring themselves. During the entire "Seinfeld" episode they only say 'you know' when referring to pleasuring themselves. This is one of the best "Seinfeld" episodes because they make a taboo and private subject humorous.
  4. "The Chinese Restaurant". Jerry, Elaine, and George go to a Chinese restaurant to eat dinner before going to a movie. The entire "Seinfeld" episode is about them waiting for a table, and the things they do to amuse themselves. Watching Elaine try and bribe the host was a stand out moment. Even though this is one of the best "Seinfeld" episodes, Kramer did not appear. One of the best "Seinfeld" episodes because the entire episode is in the restaurant, and even though they were only in one location, it was still hilarious.
  5. "The Muffin Tops". One of the best "Seinfeld" episodes has Kramer and Elaine venturing into new money making opportunities. Kramer starts a reality tour bus based on his stories that were used in the Peterman autobiography. The best "Seinfeld" episodes incorporate past episodes, and in this one tied in when Kramer sold his life stories to Petterman. Elaine ventures into selling muffin tops, which leads her with stumps. All the stories tie together when Kramer dumps the stumps during a tour that Jerry and his girlfriend are on.  
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