5 Best Seth ‘ Moments On The OC’

The 5 best Seth moments from "The OC" are those moments on primetime TV that reminded you what a giant, big, humongous dork the character really was! Whether he was weirdly and inconsistently obsessing over popular-though-airheaded Summer Roberts and then rejecting her when she showed interest in him, or trying to start up his own comic book, Seth Cohen was one heck of a Jewish dork. Mazel tov!

  1. Seth sails away when Ryan temporarily leaves Newport. During the Season One and Season Two break, Seth Cohen—demoralized by his only-and-best-buddy Ryan's departure back to a more low-income side of town—decides to throw a hissy fit and sail away from Newport. Using the traditional, Jewish teen boy form of rebellion (sailing away on his sailboat) Seth makes it all the way to Portland, Oregon, to meet up with his I-have-a-gay-dad buddy Luke, who just left "The OC" near the end of Season One after he messed everything up by sleeping with his former girlfriend's mommy.
  2. Seth passes up Summer Roberts in a Wonder Woman costume. When Seth Cohen finally gets the objectified target—sassy-yet-airheaded Summer Roberts—of all his teenage lusts in front of him in a Wonder Woman costume, he decides to reject her! Instead of hitting it, as the kids like to say these days, Seth apparently feels as though the pressure got too much for him (or maybe it was competing interest from other girl, the blonde Anna), so he bails on Summer. Or maybe Seth just wanted to save himself for marriage to a proper Jewish girl…we'll never know for sure.
  3. Seth and Summer have Awkward Sex. Back in Season One of "The OC," Seth and Summer have sex for the first time…yes, it was premarital and probably because their parents failed to supervise them properly, but they had sex. Afterwards, both teens feel really awkward because of their uncertainty about their sexual skill level. Seth, Fox's favorite Jewish teen boy in primetime TV at the time, in particular feels really awkward and compares his performance to a fish flopping around on dry land! Ouch! Maybe he should've waited until marriage for better results.
  4. Seth becomes Stoner-Seth. In the second-to-last Season of "The OC," the show was really suffering and going downhill as evidenced by its ratings freefall into the basement of primetime, US television shows. So what do the "genius" writers at "The OC" do to try to combat their ratings collapse? Why, make Seth Cohen—the ultra-geeky and conservative Jewish lad—into a pot-smoking stoner. Apparently, between his problems with coping with college applications and worries over whether he and Summer will land in the same college in the fall, Seth turns to that time-honored comforter of teens during troubling times…pot.
  5. Seth takes a trip to the Bad Boy Side. When "The OC" just started out, Seth was a friendless and lonely Jewish boy who never fit into Newport, but that changed when tanktop-wearing troublemaker-with-a-heart-of-gold Ryan appeared and was adopted by the do-gooder couple extraordinaire, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen. However, when Ryan becomes too busy to hang out with Seth due to his job as a busboy, Seth befriends another bad-boy type from the wrong side of the tracks…Donnie (played by Paul Wesley from the WB's "The Vampire Diaries"), who hates all the rich-kids in Newport. This culminates in Seth going to a party with Donnie where Donnie pulls a gun on resident Newport jerkwad Luke.
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