5 Best Sex Dating Games

The 5 best sex dating games can help you and your date ease into the mood, and then take the evening to the next level. There a suave sex dating games, funny sex dating games and variations on the games you played as a kid that have a whole new meaning as an adult. Before you head out on your date, be sure to read over the list of 5 best sex dating games.

  1. Spin the Bottle. "Spin the Bottle" is an old classic played by kids that only requires a few alterations to be one of the 5 best sex dating games for adults. It can be played by two people, which makes it ideal for a sex dating game. There is an innocence about "Spin the Bottle" that can help put both you and your date at ease right away. To play, just find a spot on a the floor where you and your date can sit with the bottle given room to spin in the middle. You start off by spinning the bottle. If the bottle points to you, then you get to choose what she has to do. If it points to her, she gets to choose what you do. Start off slow to help build up the mood, and then let it go to the next level.
  2. Truth or Dare. A game played at girls's slumber parties is the perfect kind of game for couples to use as one of the 5 best sex dating games. The adult version of truth or dare is simple. You start by asking her if she wants to tell a truth or take a dare. Once again, just like "Spin the Bottle," it is best to take the adult version of "Truth or Dare" slowly to help build the mood.
  3. Good Cop, Bad Cop. The game "Good Cop, Bad Cop" is more direct that any of the other 5 best sex dating games, but it can also be one of the most fun. You will want to get your date to agree to playing the game as it could get weird if she is not expecting it. One of you asks questions, and the other sits in an armless dining room chair answering questions. Let your curiosity go with the questions. Is there something about her you have always wanted to know? Is there something she has always wanted know about you? The point of the game is to get the answer you want, regardless of what the truth is. Will it require applying an ice cube to sensitive areas to get your answer? What about a blindfold? You get the point.
  4. Phone Call. It can sometimes be easier to start a sexy conversation without having to look the person in the eye. That is why one of the 5 best sex dating games is called "Phone Call." Each of you get situated in a different room and get comfortable. If you have a room with a fireplace then maybe put her in the fireplace room with a fire going. Then you call her on her cell phone and start talking. Of course, the conversation should turn towards sex. Once you feel comfortable enough to talk in person, just walk into the room she is in and hang up the phone.
  5. The Animal Game. When you call one of the 5 best sex dating games "The Animal Game" it creates instant naughty images. The way you play is one of you asks the other what kind of animal that would want to be. Part of explaining why you choose what animal you want to be is acting out some of their habits. If she chooses to be a monkey then she can show you how she would eat a banana. If you choose to be a horse then you can show her how you would lick salt. You get the idea. The more imagination, the better.
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