5 Best Sex Dolls For Men

The 5 best sex dolls for men are all those sex dolls that encourage you to forget about love, relationships, self-respect, self-control, or even just talking to girls in exchange for the lecherous pleasure of doing the nasty with girls made 100 percent out of latex! From now on, your TV dinner nights and your Star Wars board game weekends will never feel as lonely or as dorky any longer.

  1. Hanna Harper Love Doll. If only all the British could be as cheap and ready to spread their legs wide open as one Hanna Harper is. The fact that she is and has her likeness plastered all over this easy-to-hump sex doll for men is what lands it on the number one spot. From now on, your helping of fish and chips will be served with a gigantic side order of ejaculation!
  2. Becky the Beginner Babe Love Doll. This is the second-best sex doll for men because it eases any man into the questionable act of romancing, seducing and then (fingers crossed!) having all-out, no-holds-barred intercourse with it! This is a beginner's sex doll, so it is the perfect model to purchase to teach you and your penis about all the forbidden (and, perhaps, tasteless, too) pleasures of grabbing on to some latex boobies and then thrusting with all your might. It also comes with erection rings so you can impress this sex doll with your staying power!
  3. CyberSkin Cyber Chic Sex Doll. At number three on this list of the best sex dolls for men arrives a doll which has a realistic vagina and anus. From now on, your penis will never, ever have to search for a receiving hole to park it. So all that you have to do now is close your eyes, have intercourse with this great sex doll for men…and then persuade yourself to think that you really have a real, living girlfriend (who is not made out of manufactured materials).
  4. Legend Bootyliscious Love Doll. This sex doll for men snatches the number four spot because it finally gives white guys everywhere the opportunity to have sex with a black or Hispanic woman. A great sex doll to purchase if you are looking for some minority tail, this sex doll is helpful for white men who live in mostly Caucasian suburbs, yet have always dreamt of the alluring and forbidden pleasure of nailing some minority babes.
  5. Deserving Debbie Love Doll. With a name like "Deserving Debbie," you know this sex doll for men has been a very, very naughty little tramp, and the only thing that can teach it a lesson is your you-know-what in its holes. This doll deserves the fifth spot because it comes in the legendary and much-lauded, doggie-style position for coitus. So what are you waiting for, lecher? Get over to this doll with your erection and give it the nailing that it deserves!
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