5 Best Sex Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are a normal part of any sexually active relationship and while there are many fantasies to enjoy, here are 5 best sex fantasies you can enjoy with your partner that may perk up your sex life.

  1. Sex with a stranger. It can be very exciting to fantasize about sex with a stranger. While either of you may not actually do it in real life, you and your partner can play this game easily. Just set up a scenario where you meet your partner in a bar or at a club. Act like you are meeting for the first time and then head back to your place where you can keep on pretending and enjoy exciting love making or wild sex with someone you don't know.
  2. Teacher/Student. There's something so thrilling about having your teacher keep you after class. What is especially exciting about this scenario is that it can be set up a number of ways. If she likes to be in charge, she can simply offer sex in exchange for a good grade. If she likes you to be in charge, you can tell her that she'll fail the class unless she has sex with you. Either scenario can be exciting for both parties.
  3. Forced Fantasies. Being forced to have sex is a very popular fantasy with women, whether they will admit to it or not. Obviously, you will want to make sure that she wants this. If so, the choices are limitless. You can be a stranger breaking into her home, an acquaintance who won't take no for an answer or the leader of a sex trade ring. Just make sure to find out what the limitations are so you don't go too far and do something she doesn't like. Be sure that you both want this and know that it is only a fantasy.
  4. Domination. This sex fantasy can be with you dominating her or with her dominating you; it all depends on what you both like or want to try out. Domination doesn't have to involve whips and chains either, unless that's what you both like. It can be as simple as one person being submissive to the other and making sure that the dominant person is in total charge. A safe word is a good idea in this scenario so that the submissive person can stop what is happening if he/she are in pain or uncomfortable with the fantasy.
  5. A threesome. Many fantasies revolve around threesomes. There are a couple of possibilities when you both consider a threesome. It can be two men and a woman or two women and a man. One of the most important issues of this fantasy is to be sure both partners realize that bringing another person into the equation can sometimes cause problems, such as jealousy.

Fantasies can make a world of difference in a sexual relationship and the best thing about them is that you can act out your wildest dreams and head back to reality when you're done. Imagine being able to be whoever you please and in whatever scenario that turns you on. That is what sex fantasies allow you to do and these five best sex fantasies are a perfect start.

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