5 Best Sex Games For Adults

What are the 5 best sex games for adults to play? Any sex game that gets you and your partner naked and ultimately sexually satisfied seems to be a good choice. The best sex games, however, are most definitely the ones that are couple specific. That is to say, sex games that cater specifically to you and your woman's sexual appetites are always the best ones to play. What this means is, the best sex games you can play are the ones you create for yourselves. Check out these ideas, but feel free to add your own spin to them. Here are the five best sex games for adults.

what you may need:

  • cards
  • oils
  • sex toys
  • blind folds
  • hand cuffs
  • stop watch
  • your imagination
  1. Cards. Most card games are pretty damn boring. But, adding a sexual element will definitely heighten the excitement. A good sex card game is a great way to get each other naked, hot, and sweaty. The beauty is, the games don't have to be complicated. They just have to promote the shedding of clothes. Be it strip Spades, or even "Go fish", as long as you add that sexual tension of getting naked, the games grow exponentially in excitement. So, be creative. Create "penalties" for the loser, or gratification for the victor. Either way it goes, it'll be a fun night with a good sex card game.
  2. Hide and go sex. This particular brand of sex game for adults is for the thrill seeking couples. It's all about being a kid again. A kid, with freaky deaky grown up urges. Find a place, It doesn't really matter where, your house, a mall. Play hide and seek. When you find her, you do things to her. Once again, feel free to add any variations to the game that you know she'd enjoy.
  3. Pleasure principles. Get the blind fold and get the handcuffs. This sex game is simple. Sexual stimulation is the name of the game. Handcuff her to the bed and blindfold her. Set the time on the stopwatch. Stimulate her in anyway you want until she reaches her peak. Once she comes, stop the stopwatch. Switch it up and let her do the same. Whoever has the shortest time (or longest, it's up to you) has to dedicate the rest of the evening to pleasuring the other person.
  4. One on one. Get some good cardio exercise, while exercising your soldier. A sexual wrestling match is a great sex game to play. As always, keep it simple. The person that gets pinned has to face some sort of "punishment". The best part of this particular game is the fact that you can try to stimulate your partner while you wrestle. Most times, the match will never even reach an ending. You'll end up having some great sex though.
  5. The foreplay game. This sex game revolves around staying away from each other's main sexual areas. You focus on foreplay and nothing but. Now granted, men have an advantage in this particular game, but your girl won't mind. Anyway, the object of the game is to try to get your partner so hot that she just has to have you. Use any means at your disposal.
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