5 Best Sex Games For PC

This list of the 5 best sex games for the PC proves that video games aren’t just for kids. These five games are made by adults, for adults, and feature action scenes hotter than a Call of Duty death match. So if you have ever wanted to get a little more pleasure out of your personal play time, these games are sure to satisfy.

  1. The Singles Flirt up Your Life. If you enjoy playing The Sims and watching reality television, then you’ll be happy to know that The Singles Flirt up Your Life combines both mediums into one enjoyable package. You play the role of a recently single woman who’s looking for the perfect companion to share her spacious modern apartment with. This game borrows heavily from The Sims franchise, and tasks you with getting a job, maintaining your basic needs, and getting dirty with your new roommates. It features full-frontal nudity, dating mini-games, and all the flirting you can handle, and although the sex may seem tame when compared with other games on this list, The Singles takes the number one slot because of its tried and tested gameplay mechanics.
  2. Artificial Girl 2. This Japanese beach simulation is wildly popular in the land of the rising sun, but can only be played in English using fan-made patches. However, this should not stop you from experiencing this kinky casual dating sim. You play as a single man who meets a young bikini-clad girl while vacationing at the beach. From there you embark on a series of fun, frantic, and often naked mini games in an attempt to win her affection. If she deems you worthy you will be treated to one of the most graphic and intense interactive sex mini games ever to grace a PC’s hard drive.
  3. Dream Stripper. This is not so much of a game as it is an interactive stripping simulation. However, that won’t stop you from enjoying the titillating entertainment it offers. You can choose one of many erotic, lifelike strippers, customize her dance routine, and then set her loose to shake her virtual money maker. It is easily the best looking game on this list, and it certainly has the moves to keep you busy for a long time.
  4. Sexy Beach 3. Sexy Beach 3 is a fully realized 3D erotic simulation game from Illusion Software. This game shares a lot in common with Artificial Girl 2, also from Illusion Software, and tasks you with finding and dating one of five girls you meet while vacationing at the beach. After choosing the girl of your dreams you embark on a series of provocative mini games and personal questionnaires that will determine if you are her perfect mate. If you succeed you will be treated to one of the best looking interactive sex scenes to ever appear in a video game.
  5. Lula 3D. This adventure game from German developer cdv Software Entertainment features a ton of unique and exciting 3D levels, a first and third person perspective, and patented “Bouncing Boobs Technology,” a revolutionary tech that aims to create the most realistic breasts ever seen in a video game. You play as Lula, a producer of erotic films, and you must locate and save your kidnapped actors. You’ll jet all across America in search of your friends, and partake in a plethora of erotic action. Though Lula 3D received poor scores when it first debuted it has since become something of a cult classic, and any PC gamer looking for a mature adult game should definitely check it out.

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