5 Best Sex Games To Play With Your Girlfriend

The 5 best sex games to play with your girlfriend are those games that will up the kinky quotient in your relationship. They are games meant to tease and to flirt, to tantalize and arouse, just so that you and your girlfriend can get in the mood for real, hot, wild sex. After all, what good is having a real, live girlfriend unless you can get her involved in your sex games?!

  1. Strip Poker. Strip Poker takes the top spot on this list of the best sex games to play with your girlfriend because it combines a favorite pastime activity for guys with the chance to get naked. When you and your girlfriend play this sex game just make sure you are actually better at strip poker than her—unless you enjoy getting naked while your girlfriend just looks at you.
  2. Naked Twister. Naked Twister is the second-best sex game to play with your girlfriend because it doesn't just ensure that your girlfriend is naked in front of your eyes. It also makes sure that you may actually get to press your face up close and personal to one of your girlfriend's hot private parts, depending on the arrangement of your naked bodies on the Twister mat! So if you enjoy tantalizing nakedness, this is the sex game to play with your girlfriend.
  3. Truth or Dare. Truth or Dare makes it as the third-best sex game to play with your girlfriend on account of its limitless possibilities if you and your girlfriend are two sex-crazed fiends. Whether a truth or a dare, you can always coax something sexual out of your girlfriend. For instance, dare your girlfriend to do something taboo and naughty, like give you a lap dance or to strip for you like some two-bit sex worker!
  4. Seven Minutes in Heaven. The fourth-best sex game to play with your girlfriend, Seven Minutes in Heaven is based on the sort-of-innocent teen game that is only confined to kissing in dark closets. However, since you and your girlfriend are consenting adults (code for most kinds of sexual acts that are lawful), you can spice this sex game up by doing more than kissing in the dark, like, for instance, kissing every part of one another's bodies except for each other's lips, which really ups the sexual tension factor.
  5. Spin the Bottle. Again, this version of Spin the Bottle is not like the innocent and silly version teens supposedly play. Here, as adults, you can really sex things up by writing several sex acts on a piece of paper that both guys and gals can perform on each other. Then, you simply spin the bottle to your lustful content until it lands on whatever may. Then, you get to go after each other…sexually. Rawr.
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