5 Best Sex Moves

If you know some of the 5 best sex moves, you are on your way to being a good lover.  There are a few things you can do in bed that are guaranteed to please your partner, and mastering them is important.  Do these and you’ll keep your partner coming back from her…and get her trying to please you in return.

  1. Perfect oral.  Perhaps the best of the best sex moves is as simple as giving really great head. Get in between your partners legs with your face and let your tongue go to work. Use your lips and tongue to slowly and consistently build a strong orgasm in your partner. It’s the perfect way to start—or end—any sexual experience.
  2. Bend her over. Many women act demure and ladylike on the surface but deep down want to be treated dirty in bed.  Mounting your girlfriend doggystyle is one of the 5 best sex moves because it is a kinky position that gives you a nice view and lets her feel sexy and naughty. It gives you a good penetration angle and the ability to grab her hips and pound away.
  3. Her legs on your shoulders. This position, one of the 5 best sex moves, is a take off on the missionary position.  Grab her legs and push them far back, resting her calves on your shoulders, then go to work.  This move gives you an extremely deep penetration and allows you to ride her hard, while all she has to do is lie there and take it.
  4. Against the wall.  This is one of the 5 best sex moves because it is a unique way to have sex. While deep in passionate kissing but before the bed, let her know you’re ready right now by hoisting her up and entering her.  She’ll think this move is really hot, having seen it in the movies, and will allow you two to grind away in a very spontaneous manner.
  5. 69.  Flipping your girlfriend around into this position is one of the 5 best sex moves. Everyone loves getting oral sex, and this move allows you both to enjoy receiving it at the same time.  It is intimate, kinky, and naughty all at once.  Make a game of it and see who can get the other one off first.
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