5 Best Sex Party Games

If you are throwing a party and you want to make it that kind of party, you might want to see this list of the 5 best sex party games. Sometimes it's hard to gauge a crowd at a party and tell whether or not they would be in to that sort of thing. However, if you have a group of friends who are open to having some fun, this might be the way to go.

  1. Dirty Minds. This is a board game that you can get at just about any retail outlet or online. It's lot of fun to play at any type of party that you throw. It has definite sexual undertones, but is subtle enough to be a great ice breaker.
  2. Sexy Dice Game. There are plenty of sexy dice to choose from if you want to try this game. You can play with two or more people and all you have to do is roll the dice. One way to play it with more than two people is to have each person draw a name out of the hat before they roll the dice. Then they perform the action on the person whose name was drawn.
  3. Spin the Bottle. This is a classic that you can adapt. Bend the rules as you see fit so that participants are not just kissing, but making out or even stripping instead.
  4. Strip Poker. Another classic of all sex party games. Get the ball rolling by playing a few rounds of strip poker.
  5. Behind Closed Doors. This is another board game, but this one is clearly made for couples. However, you can certainly adapt the game for a larger sex party group.

No matter which games you choose for your sex party, make sure that everyone in the group is on board. You don't want any of your guests to become uncomfortable at any time during the party. Remember, safety first!

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