5 Best Sex Positions And Techniques

Improve your sexual performance by using these 5 best sex positions and techniques. When you want to give a girl the best sex she's ever had, you need to bring some knowledge with you into the bedroom. Any guy can pound away at a girl until he cums, but an experienced lover takes the time to find how to make the most of every sexual experience. These sex positions and techniques will make sex more intense and are designed to give her an intense, full-body orgasm.

  1. Doggie style. Doggie style is a great sex position for both partners because it allows for deep penetration. You can maximize the sensation she receives during doggie by reaching underneath and massaging her clitoris as you slowly move in and out of her vagina. You can also change the sensation by squeezing her ass together or spreading her ass apart.
  2. Reverse cowgirl. The best sex positions and techniques for a woman are the ones that allow her G-spot to be manipulated. The reverse cowgirl requires very little work from you. Simply lay on your back and her straddle you while she is facing away from you. This sex position allows her to get off at her own pace and will often make it easier for a guy to last longer. If she straddles you with her feet flat on the floor, it will create a more intense sensation for her and you'll experience a deeper penetration.
  3. Over the shoulder. If your girl is limber, this is one of the best sex positions and techniques you can perform to stimulate her G-spot. What you'll want to do is have her lay flat on her back and ask her to place her feet on your shoulders. While in this position, enter her vagina. You'll get amazing penetration and with her feet in this position, she will be narrowing her vaginal opening, making for tighter sensation for you. 
  4. Rear standing. Chances are, this is one of the sex positions and techniques that will be new to both you and your girl. It will work best next when performed next to a wall. Stand behind her and have her bend at the waist. She can bend as far as she feels comfortable as you hold her hips for support. When you enter her in this position, you'll get a deep penetration and can thrust harder since she is supported by both you and the wall.
  5. The 'X' Position. If you and your partner prefer sex positions and techniques that allow for slow movements and passionate embraces, the "X" position is a great choice. For this position, you'll want to already be inside of her. Both of you can slowly move into a position where she is laying flat on her back and you are sitting up in front of her. A pillow placed beneath her hips may help make this sex position a little easier. Your legs will form an "X" as hers will be up around your shoulders and yours will be beside her body. This position prohibits hard thrusting movements, but is a leisurely way to tease one another with slow gyrating movements.
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