5 Best Sex Positions To Flatter Female’s Body

The 5 best sex positions to flatter a female’s body, to put it simply, can make your sexual experience much more stimulating. They aren’t tough to pull off, and depending on your girl’s assets, so to speak, they can be mixed and matched for a great time in the bedroom. Though which specific sex positions flatter a female’s body best depends on what you find most physically attractive about your partner, you can check out the list below for some ideas to try.

  1. Doggy style. This sex position is especially flattering if your partner has a nice backside. The way to do it, of course, is pretty self explanatory. Have your girl get on her hands and knees, and come from behind. The position’s animalistic quality pretty much comes with a hot-and-bothered guarantee.
  2. Spoon. The spoon sex position is very flattering to the outline and shape of the female body . A girl with hips and a voluptuous figure looks especially great in the spoon. To perform it, simply have her lay on her side, and come up behind her on yours. The position also allows for some intimacy, as your head will be nicely located next the back of her neck.
  3. Cowgirl. Busty female’s assets are especially flattered in the cowgirl sex position. If you like to be close during sex, her hips are right there for visual and tactile pleasure as well. Performing it is as simple as laying on your back and having her get on top. If you prefer her hips and butt, have her get on top facing the opposite way. The view with this variant of the cowgirl sex position, of course, is worth appreciating.
  4. Lap dance. Again, the bodies of big breasted girls are very flattered by the lap dance sex position. It gives you an up close and personal encounter with her upper body, which most guys find very pleasurable. Start by sitting on a chair, and have her sit on top of you facing forward.
  5. The Butterfly. If you love every part of your female partner’s body, the butterfly sex position may be what you find most flattering. With the distance and vantage point it provides, you get a full-on view of her entire figure. Just have her lay on her back on the edge of a bed or other surface. Then, approach her standing up and have her wrap her legs around you. 
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