5 Best Sex Positions To Give A Girl An Orgasam

Do you want to learn the 5 best sex positions to give a girl an orgasm? Girls love sex just as much as guys do, so giving them an orgasm they will remember will keep them wanting more and more from you. Orgasms can be good or they can be great.  Giving your girl a good orgasm will get you by, but giving her a great orgasm will score you big points in the bedroom. 

  1. Girl on top sex position. Sometimes girls like to have control in the bedroom, so let her climb on top. Letting the girl on top gives her free rein to do as she pleases. She will be able to make herself and you feel great, and it will allow her to take as much or as little of your penis as she sees fit.  The orgasm she receives from this will be great. This is one of the best sex positions for a girl.
  2. Doggie-style sex position. Let your girl get on her hands and knees in front of you. This position gives you both free movements to do as you please. It also allows your penis to be fully inside her vagina. If the right movements are done, she will have a great orgasm.
  3. Guy lays on the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor. Let your girl sit on your penis forward or backward. She will be able to insert as much as she likes and you will be able to move freely with her. This sex position gives you both satisfactions you both will agree is great.
  4. Girls legs over your shoulders. Now this sex position is one that will send her orgasm into overdrive. Have your girl lay flat on her back, grab her legs and place them over your shoulders. Raise her up toward you while thrusting, you will hit spots that will drive her nuts and make her orgasm in no time.
  5. Sex from behind. Have your girl lay with her back to you. Raise her legs in the air and insert your penis. This gives you all the power and allows you to make her orgasm as quickly or as slowly as you want. This sex position is great for both involved.


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