5 Best Sex Positions That Require Hard Surfaces

Are you interested in learning the 5 best sex positions that require hard surfaces? Relax, it's not as bad as it sounds. In fact, these positions can be exciting and fun. Having sex in various locations, including on hard surfaces, can enhance your sex life. Every one wants that extra spice in their life, so read on to find the five best sex positions that require hard surfaces.

  1. Butterfly Position The butterfly position is great in bed, but a hard surface makes it even better. Have your partner lay on her back on a kitchen table with you standing in front of her. Using your arms, lift her hips and legs up across your shoulders. This lines up her vagina with your penis. You are now ready to hit her G-spot and make you both satisfied.
  2. Sex Against the Wall This sex position can be a bit tricky because you have to help hold your partner up while having sex. Have her stand with her back against the wall and gently lift her up and allow her to wrap her legs around your waist. Make sure the vagina and penis are lined up to allow for good penetration.
  3. The Wheel Barrow This sex position requires a floor and some pillows. Rest her elbows on the pillow while having her raise bottom in the air. Now stand behind her and lift her legs by her ankles until her body is perpendicular to the floor. Now you are ready to have some hot sex.
  4. Lap Dancer The lap dancer is one sex position that both men and women will love performing. This position requires a hard, high-back chair. Once you are sitting on the chair, have your female partner slowly sit above your penis and tease you before going all the way. The woman will be in control the entire time with this sex position.
  5. The Octopus This sex position requires use of the floor. Sit on the floor your with hands behind you and your legs spread apart and slightly bent. Have your female partner face you and sit on your lap. Have her rest her legs on your shoulders. Now rock back and forth.
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