5 Best Sex Power Tools

Ignite your sex life with these five of the best sex power tools.  Adding toys to the equation can enhance your sexual experience dramatically.

  1. We Vibe II (Couple Vibrator). The We Vibe II is one of the best couple's sex power tools on the market. This toy can be used during the love making session to bring pleasure to both partners. With nine vibration modes, this tool enables internal and external stimulation. When inserted into the vagina, this toy makes the penis feel larger and gives the female added G-spot and clitoral stimulation.
  2. Bnaughty Deluxe (Bullet Vibrator). The Bnaughty Deluxe is one of the sex power tools that provides pleasure all over the body including insertion into the vagina.  This bullet vibrator has seven modes of vibration and provides stimulation for the clitoris, nipples, anus and penis.
  3. Tenga (Masturbation Sleeves for Men). Tenga is one of the best sex power tools on the market for men today. This sex tool offers incredible suction and stimulation for even the most inactive male. The sleeves are activated when they are stroked up and down by hand or thrust between pillows and the mattress.  These sleeves can fit any size penis and are made to feel like the "real thing."
  4. G-Pops. G-Pops are one of the sex power tools which stimulate the G-spot and the prostate. G-Pops are wands with weighted balls on the end that should be used during penetration to achieve pushing the tip of the penis up against the female's G-spot to gain more sensation and encourage more intense G-spot orgasms.
  5. Mystim (Lover Nervestimulator). Mystim is one of the sex power tools that is an electrical pulse kit used to heighten the excitement of the sexual act. Electric pulses stimulate just about every part of the body while awakening nerve endings to make them more sensitive prior to intercourse. Orgasms will feel more sensitive and breath taking.



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