5 Best Sex Scenes Of 2008

Sexy movie scenes are oftentimes reduced to bad camera work and bad 70s music, but take at look at these five best sex scenes of 2008. For this reason alone, we have made this list of top five best sex scenes of 2008 so that we may lead you down the right path. Think of it as our contribution to you. See, there’s porn, then there is what you get when they get a sex scene correct. As you may already know, passion can be awkward. Tenderness can lead to kinky acts or playfulness can dissolve into roughness. Simply throwing together a sexy siren and her stud on a bed doesn’t cut it. Here are the five best sex scenes of 2008 where the movie directors understood what it takes to really melt our butter.

  1. "Stuck": Mena Suvari is a new comer who plays an overworked and underpaid nurse’s aid in this creepy thriller. She finds herself getting a little interracial therapy in a darkened room in this scene. It may not be love, but man, it’s hot. The sex scene quickly goes from a few kisses to some of the lustiest foreplay ever shown, to her character landing on top of her lover in one of the most stimulating sexy scenes ever filmed. However, when he effortlessly flips her under him, it is mind-blowingly erotic, if you can get past the annoying music.

  3. "Adrift in Manhattan": Heather Graham once again dares to bare it in her first doggie-style best sex scene ever. While beautifully executed, not even this smokin’ hot sex scene is going to save her career. The plot line involves three lonely strangers who come together on the subway. Of course, Graham is the psychotic one. Imagine that. She is once again naked, and gloriously so. She gets nude in everything she does, and for this, we deem her most awesome. She’s the girl at the party whose top will magically fall off after two drinks. Who are we to argue with that logic?

  5. "Vicky Christina Barcelona": Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson are undoubtedly two of the sexiest women who have ever walked among mere humans. In this film, there is an infamous, hotter-than-hot, girl-on-girl make out sex scene that lands them in this uncontested top five best sex scenes of 2008. Not too many men can take much of this multiplier of hotness without wanting to immediately start making babies. Women want to join in. This delicious blend of sloe-eyed exoticness coupled (pun intended) with a naughty blond vessel is pure sensory overload and a true, sensual experience. It’s easy to get distracted while watching these two on a little girly action. But, we digress. Must. Finish. List.

  7. "Teeth": This fresh new actress, Jess Weixler, plays an activist for the abstinence group, The Promise. Predictably, she falls for the hopeless hip and utterly hot Emu guy and succumbs to him in a dark, shadow-filled cave. Realizing too late that she shouldn’t be doing this, Emu guy tries to rape her. However, her lower extremities are not down with this. It seems her vagina has anger issues, and it bites off his penis. It’s beautiful sex in a steamy, breast-heaving kind of way, that is, until the boy gets chopped down to size. After going to her gynecologist, she is told that she has something called, “vagina eentata” (mythical, thankfully). Looking on the bright side though, her boobs are mercilessly toothless. Surprisingly, this movie got good reviews. We suspect that once they got past the lukewarm acting, the critics must have really sunk their teeth into it.

  9. "Mirrors": Amy Smart plays in this horror movie and, well, we can’t remember what the movie was about, but the bathtub sex scene was something to behold. The actual unveiling of that oh, so beautiful body was sublime. You could swear you could smell the soap and feel the sensation of your hands on her sleek thighs. We might have to watch this one again so that we can properly report on the movie.
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