5 Best Sex Tools For Men

The 5 best sex tools for men are those tools that allow you to enhance your sexual potency. They are tools that let you perform under the bedsheets longer; they are tools that let you impress and then retain your chick for longer. They also empower you to feel better about yourself psychologically as you will be able to please your woman all the harder.

  1. Penis Pumps. Penis pumps are those blessed sex tools that let you pump all your erectile problems away, which is why it sits at the number one spot on this list. All you need to do is stick your organ right into its blessed tube and then pump…pump…and then pump some more until your erection problems are a thing of the past. Sometimes, these penis pumps even come with penis rings for extra staying power, dude.
  2. Penis Rings. A penis ring is the second best sex tool for men because they slow down the all-important flow of blood from the erect tissue of the penis, therefore allowing you to retain and keep a rock-hard, manly erection for a longer amount of time, brother! Penis rings also come with versatility: You can wear them just around the base of your penis, or you can even wear them around your whole, massive scrotum, should you feel like you need extra erection maintenance.
  3. Sildenafil Citrate. Even if you do not have sexual problems in the area of erectile dysfunction, you can still take some sildenafil citrate as a way of even enhancing your mighty erection even further, you stud. Other uses that have been confirmed by studies include the lessening of that all-annoying refractory period (which keeps you from nailing another woman in short order!) and a placebo effect effect in younger men. Either way, sildenafil citrate is not just for older men and their erectile dysfunction any longer.
  4. Sex Doll. The fourth best sex tool for men is a sex doll, for all those times when you want to have sex…but you just do not have a real, live woman there to take your penis at the time! Sex dolls these days come in all shapes and sizes and even range from low-end dolls to even more high-end dolls which can actually look almost like a real, live, penis-receiving woman…if you are a little bit drunk, that is.
  5. Artificial Vagina. Kind of like the sex doll above, but with a lot less personality and character, the artificial vagina is, essentially, a copy of a live, real, human vagina…except that it's not attached to any women (living or dead) and is generally made out of a soft material that may also be heated for extra arousal. You know, sometimes, when you are lonely and there are no real, live, breathing women around who want to, of their own free will, have sex with you, then an artificial vagina will just have to do, bro!
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