5 Best Sexy Celebrity Legs In Europe

Looking for the 5 best sexy celebrity legs in Europe? Europe is known to have some of the world's prettiest people and celebrities. Here are the five sexiest celebrity gams in Europe.

  1. Cheryl Cole First on our list is the gorgeous Cheryl Cole. Once a member of the English pop group Girls Aloud, Cheryl is used to showing off her luscious legs. Her legs are in tip top shape and always perfectly tanned. She has special pants made for her tours with slits in them to show off her amazing legs.
  2. Katie Price This Former glamour model whose real name is Katie Price has never been shy about stripping down. She started as a page six model for a UK newspaper and went on to make herself a household name and millionaire. Although Katie's known for her large breasts, we can't skip over her amazing legs. Always toned, tanned and shown off, Katie knows her whole body is the total package guys lust about.
  3. Anna Kournikova This beautiful Russian athlete has sexy legs from running up and down the tennis court. The now semi-retried tennis queen has won numerous sports awards and has a modeling contract for sports bras.
  4. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Wife to the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, this stunning blue eyed babe was once a supermodel. Her long, creamy, ivory legs are super sexy. Just one of the reasons President Sarkozy is one lucky man.
  5. Penélope Cruz Americans may try to claim her as theirs, but Penelope will never forget her Spanish roots. Spanish people are known for their gorgeous bodies and accents. Penelope, of course, hits the spot, she may not have mile long legs, but she has sexy curves and gorgeous gams to top it off.
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