5 Best Shallow Water Jon Boats

Sometimes you need a bigger boat for fishing, but if you are not fishing in deep waters you will want to know the 5 best shallow water jon boats. They are much easier to navigate when you are in tight places or in creeks, ponds and streams. This is because they are shorter, lower profile and weigh less, yet those of good quality are rugged enough to hold up to the banging of rocks on the bottom of the boat. These jon boats would make good choices for you in shallow water.

  1. The Tracker Topper 1032. This is an excellent choice when weight and size is an issue with navigation. It weighs only 77 pounds and is a mere ten feet long. You will have no problem throwing this shallow water jon boat into the back of a pickup truck or even on top of a car. It's made from riveted aluminum alloy. It has a flat bottom which will allow you to guide right over shallow waters, even if you have a buddy with you sitting on one of the two built-in bench seats.
  2. Phantom Sport Jon Sniper. This is truly a utility boat and deserves a ranking in the 5 best shallow water jon boats. It is longer and much heavier than the tracker, but it's designed for use in shallow water fishing and hunting. If you prefer a center console and a larger, faster motor, this one is for you.
  3. Xpress 1650. The Xpress is an all-welded ribbed construction jon boat. Lengths range from fourteen to sixteen feet and they come with one seat and a front deck or three seats. They also come with a livewell just in case you actually catch something. The Xpress 1650 shallow water jon boats are flat-bottomed.
  4. Weldbilt 1242F Jon Boats. These twelve foot models are a welded aluminum construction. They are perfect for fishing and duck hunting as well. The ribbed construction makes them even stronger and helps to keep any water inside the boat off your feet.
  5. Pro Strike MV 120. This boat is made of fiberglass. This makes it one of the best shallow water jon boats because it can also be used in salt water. The v-shaped bow allows it to run the surface easier in choppy water. This two-seater is twelve feet long and weighs only 140 pounds. It has a non-skid interior.
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