5 Best Shannon Elizabeth Scenes

Here are the 5 best Shannon Elizabeth scenes. Shannon Elizabeth was once well-known for her ability to be constantly hot, and her willingness to not bother wearing a shirt. She’s still hot, of course, but she can play a mean game of poker too. Just when you thought she couldn’t get hotter. Here are the five best Shannon Elizabeth scenes from before she decided to be a poker queen.

  1. “American Pie” voyeurism. Shannon’s role as the foreign exchange student, Nadia, made her famous. There is little about this scene that could be seen as bad. Shannon Elizabeth topless? Check. Shannon Elizabeth masturbating? Check. Shannon Elizabeth makes some poor, high school kid prematurely ejaculate… twice? Check. This is easily the best of all the Shannon Elizabeth scenes ever.

  2. Jay and Shannon Elizabeth make out. In “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” not only does Shannon get the windy entrance of a Goddess, but she’s accompanied by Bon Jovi’s classic, “Bad Medicine.” It’s a real triumph that Jay finally got some action as well. He was due by the time this movie was made. Whether Jay was daydreaming or not, the real Jay still made out with Shannon, which makes him the envy of roughly every man on earth. Jay gets a massive erection from his dream, and Bob puts a fountain cup on it, hilariously muffling the Bon Jovi song. Then, Shannon closes the scene up with, “Oh my God, do you get free refills with that?”

  3. The helpless cheerleader gets murdered. The “Scary Movie” series is questionable at best. However, Shannon Elizabeth managed to get killed in the first one, meaning there’s no need to watch the sequels. What makes this scene great? Well, it’s actually funny. She actively makes fun of the female stereotype in horror movies as she’s being murdered, and even a beheading can’t stop her taunts. Plus, there’s just something about a woman who can give herself a compound fracture and smile about it.

  4. Shannon Elizabeth and her squad of super hotties. Yes, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” made the list twice. Why this time? Three reasons: the presence of three other gorgeous women, skin-tight latex, and a van. In this scene Shannon Elizabeth’s character, Justice, exits a van with her incredibly hot friends, and the audience is given an ocular treat. It’s a completely unnecessary scene where Shannon bends over in a latex body suit for no reason, which is what makes it great.


    Shannon Elizabeth shagged to death. Before she became famous, she was in possibly the worst movie ever, “Jack Frost.” The one about a killer snowman. In this scene, Shannon Elizabeth is literally humped to death in a bathtub by the killer snowman. The only redeeming quality is that Jack finishes with the line, “Looks like Christmas came a little early this year… Well, hope it was good for you honey.” About five seconds later you see Jack Frost putting the carrot back on his face. Wait, if Jack wasn’t using the carrot for a nose in that scene, then what was he using it for? I wonder.

    There you have it. The five best Shannon Elizabeth scenes. Considering she hasn’t been doing that much acting lately, maybe she’ll decide to spice up the poker world by showing up at a tournament topless. It would certainly throw her opponents off their game.

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