5 Best Shark Attack Movies

The 5 best shark attack movies are aquatic thrillers you may enjoy. In these movies, members of the leading casts narrowly escape the jaws of death, while the other characters are not always so lucky. Here are five flicks that contribute to sharks’ bad reputation:

  1. "Jaws."The thriller “Jaws” debuted in 1975. The storyline revolves around a monstrous great white shark that terrorizes Amity, a small island town. The film was directed by Steven Spielberg and won several Oscars. “Jaws” may be the most iconic shark attack movie in cinema history.
  2. "Jaws 2." “Just when you thought it was to go back in the water…,” a sequel emerges. Those sharks just can’t get enough of Amity. Citizens of the seaside resort once again battle a great white shark in “Jaws 2.” This shark attack movie appeared in theaters in 1978.
  3. "Open Water." “Open Water” surfaced in 2003. Unlike the “Jaws” series, true events inspired this shark attack movie. In “Open Water,” two scuba divers, left behind by a tour boat, face the terrors of the ocean.
  4. "Deep Blue Sea." Straying from the realm of realism, “Deep Blue Sea” is a science fiction thriller. The sharks in this movie have been genetically altered to be far more cunning than ordinary specimens. LL Cool J and Thomas Jane are among the cast of this shark attack movie.
  5. "Red Water." In contrast with the other shark attack movies, “Red Water” is about the terror of a freshwater shark. The film appeared on television in 2003. Lou Diamonds Phillips, Kristy Swanson and Coolio were members of the cast.
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