5 Best Sharon Stone Movies

What are the 5 best Sharon Stone movies? Sharon Stone has lit up the Silver Screen with many movie appearances. Looking at the top 5 movies for Sharon Stone was an interesting trip down memory lane. Sharon Stone is a sexy, long legged actress was born in nineteen fifty eight in Saegertown Pennsylvania. This seasoned Goddess is still a sleek bodied, outspoken and levelheaded beauty with plenty to offer on and off the screen.

Here are the five best movies starring Sharon Stone.

  1. Basic Instinct (1992) in this film Stone plays sensual and sexy author Catherine Tranell. This movie in many people’s opinion was the launching platform for Stone’s career. Under investigation for a sexually oriented murder, Stone seduces the investigating police Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas), which creates a tangled web of suspense and sexuality.
  2. Total Recall (1990) is an action packed science fiction thriller, centered around one man’s discovery of who he is and the attempt to save the citizen’s of Mars. Stone plays Lori, planted wife and companion to the main character Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and tried to keep the charade alive as long as possible. Quaid soon discovers the truth and sets out to make things right.
  3. The Quick and the Dead (1995) In this best Sharon Stone film, Stone portrays, Ellen “The Lady”. Set in the old west, Stone sets out to seek revenge on the man who murdered her father. The movie takes place in the town of Redemption where Stone will find her father’s killer John Herod (Gene Hackman). The climax pits The Lady against her father’s killer, in an exciting old west outcome.
  4. The Mighty (1998) in this film, Stone plays the mother of Kevin (Keran Culkin) who is plagued with Morquio syndrome, which causes his dwarf size. He is an extremely intelligent boy who befriends another boy with dyslexia. The story follows Kevin and his new friend Max (Elden Hensen) and their struggles to fit in.
  5. The Specialist (1994) is an action adventure movie where Stone plays the seductive May Munro who seeks out The Specialist (Sylvester Stallone) to avenge the murder of her parents. In this action-adventure movie, Stone and Stallone tackle three notorious villains, a Cuban crime boss, his son and the merciless hitman.
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