5 Best Shelf Stereos

Looking for the five best shelf stereos? Space is often limited, so when purchasing a shelf stereo, you want to look for a compact unit that is jam packed with features, yet still produces a high quality sound. All of the shelf stereos mentioned below can be purchased for under $500 at your favorite electronics retailer.

  1. Polk Audio I-Sonic. The Polk Audio I-Sonic is the best shelf stereo in the list on the five best shelf stereos. This stereo offers plenty of cool features and very impressive sound. The Polk Audio I-Sonic has a built in AM/FM radio tuner, CD player, and DVD player. The Audio I-Sonic also supports HD radio and XM Satellite radio.
  2. Onkyo CS-V720S. The Onkyo CS-V720S, one of the five best shelf stereos, is a home theater mini system. This stereo is XM Satellite radio ready and can play CDs, DVDs, and MP3s. The CS-V720S is very affordable and can be upgraded to full 5.1-channel sound.
  3. Boston MicroSystem CD. While the Boston MicroSystem CD is slightly expensive, you surely won't be disappointed with the sound quality. There is even a 30 day trial attached to this shelf stereo. The MicroSystem CD, one of the five best shelf stereos, has a digital AM/FM radio tuner and also serves as an alarm clock.
  4. SDI iHome iH52. You may not be familiar with the SDI iHome iH52, but this system comes loaded with amazing features! The SDI iHome iH52, one of the five best home stereos, has a very sleek and modern outer design, and even comes with detachable satellite speakers and subwoofer. Other features include a built in AM/FM radio tuner, iPod dock, and video outputs so that you can view videos stored on your iPod on your television.
  5. Bose Wave Music System. The final shelf stereo on the list of the five best shelf stereos is the Bose Wave Music System. Bose is known around the world for producing top of the line sound equipment, and the Bose Wave Music System is surely not a let down. Like the Boston system, the Wave Music System comes with a 30 day trial period and can play CDs and MP3s.



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