5 Best Shoes With Arch Support

Here are the 5 best shoes with arch support. Your feet carry you wherever you go. Over time, it is not uncommon to have fallen arches. If you have heel pain, and find that you lack stability in the ankle you may have fallen arches or flat feet. Simple exercises will help strengthen the arch. Simply roll your foot forward and back over a tennis ball. Another way to strengthen the muscles in the arch is to stand in some sand and use your toes to pull the sand towards you. Those basic exercises can help build the muscles that support the arch. In addition, your feet require a better shoe. Look for one with solid arch support and strong medial support in the ankle area.

  1. Asics Gel Running shoe provides excellent support in both the ankle and arch areas. This is a popular shoe with runners, since it helps provide the shock absorption they need, and helps prevent ankle pro-nation, or ankle rolling.
  2. Brooks Addiction 8 is a great shoe for those who need extra durability. The wide arch support is one of it's unique features. It provides both forefront and mid foot cushioning for extra support. 
  3. Reebok Road KFS has a softer lining, making it a less stiff option in good supportive running shoes. With reflective features it is also good for those who are night owls.
  4. Nike Zoom Nucleus is a lightweight shoe, with great arch support. The mesh top helps it breathe, so your feet stay cooler.
  5. Saucony ProGRID Stabil CS offers the support expected from this major running shoe company. With a great reputation for supportive running shoes, they do not disappoint.

When you have fallen arches or tired, achy feet, inserting a gel support is only a temporary measure. For lasting relief, exercise your foot, and treat yourself to a sturdy pair of supportive running shoes. After all, you only get one set of feet.



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