5 Best Shotgun Paintball Guns

Players who are into short-range combat would have a field day arming themselves with any of these 5 best shotgun paintball guns. Pistols and rifles may be popular, but hey, let’s face it, getting up close and personal with the enemies is a hundred times more challenging and “killing” someone face to face is just plain awesome.  And get a load of this; you can take down several enemies with just one strategic spray shot from a paintball shotgun, a feat definitely not achievable with a rifle or a pistol.

  1. RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun. This 0.68 caliber paintball baby is a very realistic replica of the FN Tactical Police Shotgun and it’s even used by enforcers as a training tool for crowd control. It has a built-in 10-16 round integral magazine and can shoot at 200-380 FPS at a maximum range of 300 feet. Moreover, this paintball shotgun is flexible. It can be used at any field and performs best in scenario games.
  2. Double Eagle M47 Pump Airsoft Shotgun Black. This sleek black airsoft shotgun is a spring operated pump action shotgun that can fire at roughly 300 FPS.  It has a pistol grip and a plastic construction. However, it can only shoot 6 mm airsoft and paintball bb’s. Nevertheless, this baby has been known for its accurate and fast firing performance.
  3. Hwasan Double Barrel Airsoft Shotgun. This paintball gun is a definite must have. If you want something very, very close to the real deal in both looks and function, then this baby is for you. The Hwasan Double Barrel Airsoft Shotgun can fire an amazing 7 rounds at 290 FPS at a range of 80-90 feet. Cool!
  4. Splatmatic Paintball Shotgun. Make multiple kills with the pump-action Splatmatic Paintball Shotgun. Rain a riot of paintballs upon your enemies as fast as you can pump. The Splatmatic has a tough ABS body and only weighs 2 pounds. It has a removable 18-round magazine and can fire at 190 FPS at a 200 feet. range. It also does not require batteries or CO2 cylinders to function.  And to top it all, it’s very easy to clean. Talk about pure awesomeness.
  5. Double Barrel Airsoft Shotgun. Double the action, double the fun! Get this gun if you want to start ‘em young! This spring powered double barreled shotgun has a unique pistol grip, and uses either bb’s or paintballs. It has fairly basic features which makes it quite perfect for young combatants and newbies.
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