5 Best Shotokan Karate Books

The 5 best Shotokan karate books cover the amazing and sometimes confusing history of Shotokan karate. They also go over techniques from the basic, to the more advanced. These are the Shotokan karate books necessary for those that are just beginning to be acquainted with the style. They are also an important addition to the library of any serious student that is looking to become more well rounded with a deeper understanding of their art.

  1. “Shotokan Karate-A Precise History” is one of the best Shotokan karate books, written by Harry Cook. This book is considered one of the finest historical works covering any martial art by the Journal of Asian Martial Arts. It is thoroughly researched and documented. The book covers the path of Shotokan from its origins to the style practiced today with great focus on Gichin Funakoshi.
  2. "Best Karate-Volume 1: Introduction" is one of the the best Shotokan karate books for beginners. It's written by Master Nakayama and gives a broad look at Shotokan karate. It also covers several stances and techniques, as well as their various applications. It's great for beginners and new teachers to the art.
  3. "25 Shoto-kan Kata" is written by Shojiro Sugiyama and is one of the best Shotokan karate books because of its amazing detail and three dimensional renderings of each position. He goes step by step giving detailed information on each move including foot placements, direction, how to time the move and even the slightest hip rotations necessary. It even has lessons on raising your internal energy power.
  4. "Karate-Do: My Way of Life" is written by Gichin Funakoshi and is one of the best Shotokan books, as it was written by the founder of the Shotokan style. It goes over the evolution of the art, the fascinating biography of its founder, and insights into the minds of the masters. This gives the student a depth of understanding of the origins and purpose of Shotokan. It provides insights into a state of mind that is useful not only in the practice of Shotokan, but also in your daily life.
  5. "Shotokan's Secret: The Hidden Truth Behind Karate's Origin" is one of the best Shotokan karate books written by Bruce Clayton. This excellent book is great for both historians and students. The expanded edition contains detailed images of the Heian moves. It also reveals the purpose of practicing Shotokan moves. It addresses the importance of doing certain moves against certain opponents. It illustrates how you can use only empty hand moves and skill against those opponents that have weapons. This book helps students to understand why Shotokan was developed in the first place, and what its originators were trying to do.
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