5 Best Shotokan Karate DVDs

The 5 best Shotokan DVDs will run you through specific disciplines and instruct you with real life examples. These Shotokan DVDs will do just that and provide guidance, direction and instill confidence. These Shotokan DVDs are brought to you by some of the best martial artist in the discipline of Shotokan.

  1. “Essential Shotokan Volume 1: Principles of Body Dynamics and Stances” This is perhaps the best instructional video on Shotokan. This DVD will teach you the art of stance, balance and concentration. All three are vital to the overall success as a Shotokan master. Balance is the key to every movement within Shotokan and this DVD will guide you step-by-step on tried and tested techniques to improve your stance, posture and delivery.
  2. JapanKarate Association “Official Shotokan Kata DVD Series” Another key element in Shotokan are the patterns a Shotokan fighter uses when engaging his opponents. To many, the kata looks much like a dance. If it is, it is the most deadly dance you will ever learn. The steps are deliberate and the hand movement means something when equipped with a weapon. This DVD will walk you through ever kata in detail and provide you the foundation for success.
  3. “Shotokan Master” with Richard Amos One of the art form's most decorated sensei brings you a DVD filled with fantastic instruction. The DVD will walk you through strikes and kicks in an aggressive and combative style. Generally, martial arts are for defense but in many cases you must become the aggressor. There is a change in mentality with this style and Sensei Amos will step you through it from preparation to disabling your opponent and still maintaining your discipline.
  4. E/B Productions Shotokan Karate DVD “Advanced Shotokan” This extensive DVD puts it all together. Learn proper technique for kicks, strikes and self-defense. Also introduced in this DVD is the use of traditional Shotokan weapons such as the Bo and Sai. You will learn proper handling, defense skills and attacking skills to disable or (if necessary) kill an aggressor. This is a very detailed, actor-portrayed, real life scenario DVD and should only be approached by the serious and accomplished.
  5. “Shotokan Fitness” Barry Masterson DVD Fitness is a vital part of the success of a Shotokan fighter. The key elements taught on this DVD are cardio, flexibility and fitness of mind and spirit. Walk through the process with Sensei Masterson in this descriptive and calming DVD. This will help complete you as a Shotokan master and move you to the next level.
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